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We should strive to welcome change and challenges, because they are what help us grow.” – H.G. Wells

C Enterprises is committed to superior service and quality manufacturing.  This dedication has motivated our team to improve and streamline manufacturing, expand our product offering, and add additional processes to enhance the customer experience.  We have raised the bar in the increasingly competitive telecommunications industry.  


Our improvements for competitive solutions

  • Increased Production Efficiency and Improved Processes
  • Facility Improvements and Additional Staffing
  • Implementation of Software Upgrades for our Skilled and Knowledgeable Team
  • New and Expanded Partnerships with Leading and Innovative Manufacturers
  • Introduction of New Products, including Wireless Solutions, Transceivers, PIM rated COAX


Read below how we are excelling in the rapidly changing landscape of telecommunication; distinguishing ourselves as a company, while remaining true to our values.

 ISO Certified

Increased Production Efficiency and Improved Processes

We take pride in our ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturing facility.  For our company, an ISO Certification is more than just a piece of paper, but rather it is a reflection of the professionalism and consistency with which our experienced staff produces assemblies. Our engineering team regularly conducts reviews of all production and testing standards to ensure that our company remains an industry leader in quality.  By applying industry-leading assembly techniques, we have strengthened our commitment to provide quick-turn custom assemblies.  Our experienced production team has successfully implemented improved and streamlined processes to insure full support of new product expansion, while maintaining our “quick-ship” capabilities.




Facility Improvements and Additional Staff

A key aspect of streamlined processes is having the right tools and the right staff to implement them.  Updated instruments and specialized stations allow our employees to effectively manufacture our expanding lineup of products without hindering our next-day fulfillment capabilities.  New and existing staff are provided with opportunities for professional growth and an improved skillset through our comprehensive cross-training programs.  Projects requiring specialized tasks are kept on schedule by staff well-versed in multiple job functions.


Website and Software Upgrades

At C Enterprises we strive to make all aspects of purchasing and receiving your order as simple and transparent as possible.  Through use of industry-recognized and custom, proprietary software, we provide both our customers and staff up to the minute information on every request and order.  We also extend this superior customer service to all aspects of our newly updated website design.  With regular updates to the website, your company has easy access to our full product lineup; with substantial library of professionally produced product brochures, CAD drawings, technical specifications, and photographs.

 Valued Partnerships


Here at C Enterprises we understand that quality assemblies are only built from quality components.  That is why we work exclusively with the most reputable of cable and connector manufacturers.  For 16 years in a row, we have held the distinction of being a Corning Gold Assembly house.  Additionally, we have maintained partnerships with leading cable manufacturers, while building new relationships with innovative manufacturers such as Tinifiber; all to ensure that we meet the requirements of the most challenging quick-turn and custom orders.

 Wireless Solutions

Expanded Product Offerings

Customers rely on our highly trained sales and engineering staff to correctly build orders to both industry and client standards.  Our production development team has gained valuable experience in high-growth industries such as: Wireless Communication and Mission-Critical Applications.  We maintain an up to date library of products, and have access to new technologies through the development process.  A host of new products and customizable features have been added to our extensive line-up. 


So, what does this all mean to you?

C Enterprises is moving forward with company innovations.  But we will always stand by our promise to provide assemblies produced to the highest standards.  We have streamlined and expanded our manufacturing capabilities, expanded our product lineup, and confirmed our dedication to personalized, superior customer service.  With over 30 years of industry experience, we know quality.  Let our strengths and values provide you with the competitive advantage
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Written by C Enterprises

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