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How to Optimize Your Data Center’s Storage Space

[fa icon="calendar"] August 7, 2017 / by C Enterprises

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You spend thousands of dollars on your data center every year. This is just for the space, not all of the equipment it houses. Data center real estate is incredibly costly, but it’s a necessary expense for almost every enterprise. To maximize your cost investment, you need to optimize how you use your limited space. Many managers make the mistake of implementing thick, unwieldy Category (CAT) 6A cabling when they have a slimmer alternative available. Find out of CAT6 is the answer you need for space saving in your data center.

CAT6A vs. CAT6 Cabling

If you run 10Gig copper within your data center, odds are you automatically assume you need CAT6A cables to carry your signal. While you wouldn’t technically be wrong, there is a lesser-known alternative that can save you considerable shelf space in your data center or other building – Category 6 wires. CAT6 wires can carry a 10Gig signal as far as 180 feet (55 meters). On average, CAT6 cables are 25 percent smaller than CAT6A. That’s 25 percent more space to use for other wires, equipment, and components.

Skinny CAT6 wires can save you money in three ways – taking up less valuable space, a smaller initial expense, and fewer costly network problems. CAT6 cables are cheaper to purchase than CAT6A wires. CAT6 may not be the latest thing on the market, but sometimes the fundamentals are the better choice for an enterprise. CAT6 wires can help you avoid network issues by enabling a smart, layer one infrastructure. You cables and layer one make up the foundation of strong IT. Optimize yours with smart cabling choices.

CAT6 cabling is less expensive than CAT6A, but that doesn’t compromise its performance. CAT6 wires are reliable from the right provider and come with quality assurance. Plus, these smaller wires can help you keep your data center clean and organized. An organized center means reduced risk of making costly mistakes. When something goes wrong, your IT team will be able to troubleshoot and correct mistakes faster and with less downtime. As part of your quality structured cabling system, CAT6 wires can help you comply with proper safety standards.

What’s the Smartest Investment for Your Network?

When setting up your 10Gig copper-compatible data center, don’t write off CAT6 wires without due consideration. There are also mini CAT6 cables that are an impressive 50 percent smaller than typical CAT6 models. Mini CAT6s can carry 10Gig signals up to 30 feet. Minimizing the space cables take up in your data center makes for a roomier, airy building. Proper airflow and cooling capabilities are critical to the operability of your electrical equipment. Better airflow can decrease your cost of ownership and consume less power. 

CAT6A patch cords and backbone cables may be the right solution for your copper wiring, if you aren’t worried about space or cost or you need to carry 10Gig signals farther than 180 feet. It may be worth your while to do what you can to implement CAT6 instead. The significant space savings can translate into better data center functionality, organization, safety, security, and energy efficiency. Not to mention the immediate cost savings you enjoy from a smaller initial investment.

With C Enterprises’ Cat6 and Cat6A cables, you are assured of a 100% U.S. manufactured industry compliant product, guaranteed to perform. Our C-Flash service gets them to your jobsite in a “flash”. That means having your data center up and running quickly with premium quality cables transmitting data at world class speed. Now you can save space, money, and time thanks to C Enterprises. Explore our CAT6 options to find out if our “skinny” wire is right for your data center.

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