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The Cost Benefits of Going Green

[fa icon="calendar"] December 18, 2017 / by C Enterprises

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“Going Green” means reducing one’s impact on the environment. Businesses large and small have realized how they can save money, reduce their carbon footprint and attract environmentally-conscious consumers by changing the way they use resources. Here are some of the ways going green provides cost benefits.

Reduces Energy Expenditures

For many businesses, heating and cooling their buildings and powering equipment are a significant percentage of overhead. An Edison Electric study revealed electricity prices continue to rise at about 2.5 percent every year, increasing faster than inflation. Reducing energy expenditures will save businesses now and even more as time goes by.

Going green means reducing energy consumption through a variety of means.

  • Install energy-efficient lighting. LED lighting comes with many benefits and can reduce what it costs to light your building by up to 60 percent. Motion and occupancy sensors can switch lights on and off so they use utilities only when needed. Digital Lighting Management connects and adjusts fixtures throughout the building.
  • Switch to energy-efficient units. Implement water heaters that provide hot water on demand and replace heating and cooling systems with more energy-efficient units.
  • Use cabling solutions like Power over Ethernet or optical fiber-based networks to eliminate unnecessary wiring and reduce energy consumption throughout the building.

Creates Less Waste

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Reducing even small amounts of waste has a big impact over time. Going green can be accomplished to scale, so small businesses have as much to gain as larger ones. Kaiser Permanente states it saved $25 million a year by implementing its environmentally preferable purchasing program. The Commonwealth Fund studied a range of hospitals and found reducing wasted energy and increasing supply efficiency could save medical facilities an estimated $5.4 billion over five years.

Qualifies Your Business for Credits and Awards

While some energy-efficiency tax credits expired in 2011, many Energy-Star qualified products still qualify through 2021. The EPA government grant is available to businesses that meet certain criteria. Not only does it help businesses implement energy savings upgrades, it also builds consumer trust.

Improves Job Satisfaction

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) released a study that found when companies go green, their employees are 16 percent more productive than those at companies that don’t prioritize conservation. Employees at green organizations typically feel increased motivation, have better workplace relationships and improved physical health.

Businesses save money because they spend less on recruiting and training new employees. They also pay for fewer sick days and less satisfaction-related productivity loss.

Develops Public Relations

Businesses go green to save money and reduce their impact on the environment, but they can also use it in their marketing efforts. Customers and shareholders prefer businesses that are eco-friendly. Here are a few ways businesses leverage going green:

  • Use press releases and newsletters to distribute information that gains loyalty from environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Show how tax breaks and energy savings received prove your company is responsible with resources.
  • Invite the public to contribute their resources to recycling programs like recycling ink cartridges and plastic waste.

Whether your business is seeking to reduce energy consumption through digital lighting management or to meet Title 24 Standards for energy efficiency, C Enterprises provides some of the highest quality cable assemblies on the market. Contact us for a quote.

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