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Part 3 of 4: The Differences Between Pre-Terminated and Custom Terminated Cables

[fa icon="calendar"] June 7, 2017 / by C Enterprises

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difference-pre-terminated.jpgWhen ordering fiber optic cables, you’ll come across one major crossroad – to choose pre-terminated or custom terminated cables. Comparing and contrasting the two will lead to a list of benefits and drawbacks for each. It can be difficult to know which is the right choice for you. A list of pros and cons of each can help you make the correct decision for your enterprise.

Pros of Pre-Terminated Cables

Pre-terminated installation methodologies offer many benefits over the other main alternative. Pre-terminated, or trunking assemblies, lend rapid deployment capabilities, limited risk of improper connections, and high-performance guarantees. Cables come delivered to the user ready for deployment in a plug-and-play system. Installation is fast, cutting time compared to field installation by about 75 percent. By comparison, field termination takes hours to install using special equipment, tools, and technical knowledge.

Pre-terminated cables also come with less risk. The quality and workmanship of the connection come assured from the manufacturer, instead of depending on the skill of the technicians who perform the on-site installation. Trunking assemblies remove installer variability, potentially improving the overall quality of the application. This method reduces on-site troubleshooting and cabling rework issues, minimizing downtime and repair costs.

Users enjoy better performance consistency, with fast installations and assembly in a controlled environment. Due to greater predictability, pre-termination may be best where standardization is needed.

Fiber optic trunking assemblies come with a complete suite of products for use, including OM1-OM4, OS1, and OS2 fiber cabling. By purchasing a complete trunking assembly, users do not have to purchase connectors, jumpers, cable, racks, or enclosures separately. This saves time, money, and energy. Finally, pre-terminated cables are more aesthetically appealing than the alternative. High manufacturing standards provide a clean, consistent physical appearance that can improve functionality and manageability.

About Custom Terminated Cables

When you custom terminate cables, or field terminate them, you may put yourself at risk of greater installation costs. However, the cost of materials is cheaper than pre-terminated cables. Custom terminated cables can have shorter assembly times, because the majority of the work falls on the user’s end, but this is entirely dependent on the company. At C Enterprises, for example, we offer extremely fast turnaround times on pre-terminated cables with our C-Flash service.

Custom terminated cables come with access to individual backbone circuits, unlike 12-fiber MPO. They enable easy cable pulling from either end of the circuit. Yet, for many users, the disadvantages of this method outweigh the advantages. Custom termination entails higher labor costs and slow installation, leading to increased business downtime. You also run the risk of quality concerns, as installation depends on the workers and tools available instead of the consistent high quality of the manufacturer. Finally, custom termination is less environmentally friendly, as it uses more packaging and consumables.

As a data center manager, you’ll likely face the decision of purchasing pre-terminated solutions or terminating optical fiber yourself in the field. Take into account your specific needs, budget, and quality concerns. Over the life of the network, you’ll save money opting for pre-terminated solutions. With this option, you guarantee the quality of your product and continuing returns on your investment. Factory-terminated pigtails and splicing can handle high densities and are optimal for data centers that need fast deployment.

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