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Part 4 of 4: Cost vs. Benefits of Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Systems

[fa icon="calendar"] June 14, 2017 / by C Enterprises

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pros-and-cons-pre-terminated.jpgOf the two major techniques in fiber optic cabling connection, pre-terminated is far and wide the most popular. Pre-terminated cables offer a range of advantages over field termination or factory termination. In this day and age, managers need to examine the pros and cons of both carefully for long-term return on investment. Whether you are the manager of an IT team, data center, campus, or office building, learn the costs and benefits of pre-termination to discover if it’s right for you.

What Makes Pre-Termination So Popular?

When shopping for fiber optic cabling, you’ll need to make a choice – pre-terminated or field terminated. The latter means you will need to install and terminate the cables in the field or at your premises. Pre-terminated cables, on the other hand, come to your door ready for fast, easy installation. Pre-termination is a plug-and-play solution that eliminates the need for the user to have specially trained installers, a tool kit, and termination equipment. Thus, this method can significantly reduce labor costs and installation time.

Surveys show that pre-terminated systems are about 75 percent faster than field termination. Less business downtime waiting for cable installation means less money lost while waiting for your network. It enables you to satisfy customer needs, improve the customer experience and your reputation as a brand. Pre-terminated cables do not rely on the skill of the user’s own team but rather the expertise of the trusted cable provider. This means the user can enjoy consistent high-quality cabling.

With the right manufacturer, your pre-terminated cables will always come with quality assurance – right out of the package. You never have to worry about ruining your investment with failed installation or having to rework your cables. High-performance assurance means more confidence in your system, greater returns on investment, and a longer lasting network. Users can complete installations with greater predictability and enjoy a comprehensive solution with a consistent, clean appearance. Time is money in today’s competitive business environment. Save both with pre-termination.

Why Do Some Users Prefer Alternative Methods?

In spite of the myriad benefits recommending pre-termination, some people still prefer field termination or other installation methodologies. Each type comes with its own pros and cons, so choose a different type if it better suits your needs. However, higher costs and lack of quality assurance lead the majority of users to depend on pre-terminated fiber optic cabling for data centers and other buildings. That being said, pre-termination is not completely without its drawbacks.

Pre-termination can mean higher material costs, because the cables come already professionally terminated with special equipment, polished, and tested for use. When you select pre-termination, you must pre-plan your lengths. A pre-terminated system too short will not work at all for your needs and will need to go back to the vendor. Because of this, many users err on the side of too much length. Pre-terminated cables that are too long require a slack storage solution, costing more money. Initial costs may be higher for pre-terminated systems, but the initial cost of a pre-terminated system is well worth the investment. Deployment and performance are so positive that most users opt for pre-termination.

Pre-Terminated Fiber Cables at Your Door Tomorrow

With pre-terminated cables, you minimize the odds of having to reinstall your system and maximize network performance levels. The right cable provider can lead to even more benefits and advantages. At C Enterprises, you can enjoy all the perks of high-quality pre-terminated cabling systems without the wait. Our C-Flash service builds and delivers your custom cables the very same day.

We make this possible using decades of experience and specialized equipment. Your enterprise can start using your plug-and-play solution right away and begin seeing returns on your investment immediately.

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