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What are the Benefits of Digital Lighting Management?

[fa icon="calendar"] September 27, 2017 / by C Enterprises

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Over the last few years, lighting controls have become increasingly complex. Instead of lights just being controlled at the switch, manufacturers have improved energy efficiency by adding photocells and occupancy sensors so lights go off when not in use. These lights could be connected into a network to generate savings, but they had no software to capture data. Savings weren’t measurable. Digital Lighting Management (DLM) takes lighting efficiency to the next level. 

DLM Overview

Digital Lighting Management is a smart control system that continually monitors and optimizes lighting energy efficiency. DLM components include the following:

  • Room controllers
  • Daylighting sensors
  • Room occupancy sensors
  • Lighting control panels
  • Interfaces and accessories
  • Plug load controls

The system works to control single rooms or to centralize lighting control for several rooms, the whole floor of an office building, or a complete campus. Once connected, a room controller configures fixtures to align with energy code.

DLM Provides Fixture-Level Control

Zonal control saves money, but DLM lets users control individual fixtures. Control connections are lightning-fast. Here are some situations where it’s beneficial to have control at the fixture level:

  • Open floor plan offices
  • Hallways and corridors
  • Data processing centers
  • Stairways
  • Trading desks

DLM Is Easily Reconfigured 

In many business situations, once lighting is installed, your options are limited. If the room is suddenly to be used for a different purpose than the one for which it was designed, it’s expensive to reconfigure lighting. Business owners usually just make use of the arrangements they have, even if they’re not the best choice for the job.

Sometimes in office spaces, areas need to be continually rearranged. When employees come and go or they need a temporary meeting area, cubicles and partitions are shuffled around. DLM components plug together in a limitless number of configurations and are connected through free-topology Cat5 local networks. With fixture-level control, new rooms and control zones can be created with just a few clicks.

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DLM Saves Money

Digital Lighting Management is engineered to meet or surpass energy code requirements. Whether designing for ASHRAE 90.1, EPAct, California Title 24, or LEED, DLM enables sustainability and provides a solid return on investment whether it’s introduced through new construction or retrofitting. DLM includes these energy-saving features:

  • Bi-level control
  • Plug load control
  • Dimming
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Boot loading that allows upgrades to firmware
  • RoHS compliant

Facility managers may also use astronomical time clock scheduling. Since few facilities operate around the clock, time clocks can switch lights off or dim them at night to reduce costs. Lighting control upgrades can reduce commercial building energy use by up to 50 percent.

DLM Enables Energy Management

In the past, putting lights on a timer, light, or motion sensor saved energy, but there was no feedback. Facility owners couldn’t see what was working or how much they were saving. DLM helps with energy management and tracking. Owners can identify usage data and pinpoint areas for improvement.

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