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Where Can I Get Custom Cable Assemblies?

[fa icon="calendar"] March 24, 2017 / by C Enterprises

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Custom cable assemblies have the cord length, color, labels, bundling, packaging requirements, and special breakout designs specifically built for you. Many important industries rely on custom cabling for many operations, including medical, aerospace, military, automotive, telecommunications, and industrial. The main benefit of designing your own custom cable assemblies is to ensure you pay for exactly what you need – no more, no less. Customizing your cabling is the only way to guarantee you get the exact type, color, and length of cord you need.


Why Customize Your Cable Assemblies? 

The decision between default and custom cable assemblies is determined by need and personal preference. Many companies need to customize their cords in order to maintain order and organization in a busy IT room or office. Others simply prefer a custom assembly to stay in control of the wire patterns and operations. In either case, a custom assembly can work wonders to improve the functionality and orderliness of a company’s complex wiring.

Without customizing your wiring, you run the risk of paying for an inconvenient and inefficient cabling system. This can lead to electrical problems down the road. Getting stuck with the wrong color, for example, can lead to confusing two different wires. Not having the length you need can make a project impossible. When you customize your assembly with a trusted manufacturer, you work with the experts to come up with the ideal cords and systems for your specific applications. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your assembly will get the job done.


How to Custom Design Your Assembly

Custom cable assemblies can be difficult to manage without the right manufacturing partner. Thankfully, C Enterprises is here to offer one-of-a-kind custom assemblies at affordable prices. We will build your assembly according to your exact specifications, and deliver them right on time to your location. Our team of experts can build, test, and ship cables rapidly and efficiently thanks to our business practices and manufacturing location in Vista, California, USA. We offer customizations such as:

  • Include your private brand label or request date coding, serialization, and bar codes depending on your needs.
  • We provide nylon mesh sleeving and speed wrap tape for special staggering and unique bundles.
  • Breakout design. We offer special breakout designs for fiber optic and copper wiring. This is necessary for high-density applications, pedestal mounting, and cabinet dressing.
  • Customize your cord jackets in all fiber types, according to your specific color needs. We offer black, white, gray, and every color of the rainbow.
  • Need your cords in bulk packages? Spools? Individually packaged? Our team can do it all. We also blind ship orders.

C Enterprises not only has the ability to manufacture custom cable assemblies – we will also walk you through the process of designing your assembly. First, we will help you create full-scale drawings in the format the industry recognizes. There are many familiar software programs that make this step simple. You will discuss your needs with our team of design experts in a special consultation via phone or in person at one of our sales locations. Our team provides quotes, samples, CAD drawings, and more to fulfill your original equipment manufacture needs. We always facilitate easy communication so you can rest assured you get what you want.


C Enterprises: Your Source for Custom Cable Assemblies

Designing your custom cable assemblies can be fast, easy, and affordable when you partner with the right manufacturer and distributor. C Enterprises has state-of-the-art facilities, advanced manufacturing techniques, and a staff of highly qualified engineers and technicians to walk you through the customization process. From beginning to end, we’ll be here for you to help with every aspect. We know high-quality cables, and want to help you get the most for your money. To start designing your custom cable assembly, contact us today.

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