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The Dangers of Counterfeit Communication Cables

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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) exist to ensure the compliance of cable manufacturers with global safety standards and regulations. These codes are vital to the security and success of today’s networks. In spite of efforts by the TIA and IEC to find and penalize fraudulent cable providers, many still exist in the marketplace. Learn how to spot and avoid counterfeit communication cables for the wellbeing of your company.

Ways Counterfeit Cables Can Harm Your Company

Falling into the trap of counterfeit cables can lead to more than just a network that crashes. It can cause substantial harm to your company, your employees, and your customers. Noncompliant cables can be dangerous in more ways than one. In worst-case scenarios, counterfeit cables won’t abide by fire safety regulations and could cause a dangerous or deadly building fire. In best-case scenarios, you’ll lose thousands of dollars’ worth of cables – cables you can’t use and can’t sell.

Even if your falsified cables don’t wreak immediate havoc, their poor quality can damage your company over time. Lengthy downtime due to failing cables and reinstallations can cost thousands. Studies indicate the average cost per downtime incident in the U.S. is $140,000. That doesn’t consider the costs of re-purchasing new cables and paying for installation. Product failures and network downtime can equate to huge financial losses, potentially making a company close its doors forever.

Furthermore, purchasing bad cables can land your company in significant legal trouble – even if you were unaware of the falsification. You could find yourself failing building code compliance, leading to potential lawsuits or misdemeanor charges with hefty fines. In some jurisdictions, jail time can occur. If your counterfeit cables end up causing a fire, you may face civil actions on the basis of negligence, breach of contract, and fraud. Protect your company’s future by avoiding counterfeit cables.

How to Detect Counterfeit Cables

Companies may produce and sell counterfeit cables under false pretenses, falsifying information and lying about performance and safety standard compliance. They do this to cover up inadequate manufacturing methods and cheap production. Counterfeit cables are meant to deceive, and they may have red flags on their packaging, such as unauthorized Underwriters Laboratories (UL) marks. Counterfeit cables are not listed or verified, nor will they have proper ETL protect marks. Signs you may have counterfeit cables include:

  • Very low, below-market norms, price
  • Low-performance materials used for jacket and insulation
  • Poor design
  • Lack of quality control
  • Copper clad aluminum conductors passing for 100 percent copper
  • Significant failure in performance
  • Poor electrical transmission
  • Unfamiliar private-label brands from offshore producers
  • No information regarding factory location
  • Poor fire performance (extreme safety hazard)
  • Suspicious advertising and false claims
  • Cables are on a recall list

If you have a gut feeling that something’s not quite right with the cables at a company, buy somewhere else. When in doubt, don’t make the purchase. Unbelievably low prices may reel you in, but they are just that – unbelievable. Do not buy from a company just because it offers the lowest prices on communications cables. Instead, partner with a company that will ensure the safety and codes compliance of your enterprise.

Purchase from a Trusted Provider

The best way to avoid becoming a target for counterfeit cable companies is to partner with a provider you can truly trust. C Enterprises has been in the business for more than 30 years, with thousands of satisfied customers around the world. We are a provider of the leading brands in fiber optic and copper cables. We’ve earned our reputation through years of hard work and dedication to our craft. Furthermore, we have quick turn capabilities thanks to our C-Flash service. We can build and ship custom cables the same day.

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