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Can I Get Fiber Patch Cords in Custom Colors?

[fa icon="calendar"] April 5, 2017 / by C Enterprises

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When looking for the perfect fiber patch cord, you might spend a lot of time researching to find the ideal provider. You may be looking for a specific type, material, length, and jacket color, or you may have a less detailed approach. Many consumers and business owners don’t even know where to start, and often overpay for inferior products or limited selection. Either way, C Enterprises can help. We know how important it is to receive the exact fiber or copper cords your network requires. We pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable manufacturers and deliverers of fiber optic and copper cable cords in the industry. When you need fiber cords in specific varieties, come to C Enterprises.


Why Customize Your Patch Cords?

Complex network management and organization requirements often need color coding within the data center. With so much cabling in place, the IT team needs a way to tell the cords apart. Otherwise, installation and maintenance can become complex problems.

Selecting contrasting colors for different types or uses of patch cords is a simple and effective way to keep them organized, in place, and in working order. When you can’t choose the color of your cords, you’re at the mercy of whatever color the company sends you. This can lead to confusion and loss of productivity down the road, in the event your IT team cannot figure out the color pattern of your fiber optic cable. Matching your colors to different characteristics is an easy way to stay on track and in business.


Order Your Customized Color Patch Cords Today

There are many situations where customizing your patch cord color instead of accepting the default can significantly aid operations. Jacket color can be the only way an IT team can differentiate between types and functions of each cord.

C Enterprises is a member of Corning’s Connections Gold Cable Assembly House Program, guaranteeing our Corning Gold EWP patch cords are of the highest quality. We were one of the first fiber optic cable assemblers to receive this honor. Corning regularly audits our production and quality to ensure we continue to meet the stringent requirements of remaining in this small and elite group. C Enterprises offers fiber patch cord options in a variety of lengths and colors. You can customize your cords to receive any color(s) you want. To learn more, contact us at (800) 334-3815.

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